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Timothy Armstrong

Chief Technology Officer


Tim Armstrong serves as the Chief Technology Officer at InstallerNet, where innovative technology solutions meet exceptional installation services. Mr. Armstrong’s journey in software development has been marked by significant contributions to the mobile electronics industry.


As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Mr. Armstrong brings a wealth of expertise in cloud computing, particularly in designing resilient, scalable systems on AWS. This expertise is a cornerstone of InstallerNet’s robust and innovative cloud strategies which has led to several large-scale integrations with enterprise clients including Best Buy and CarMax.


Mr. Armstrong was instrumental in developing TSS, a cutting-edge point-of-sale software that has redefined efficiency and customer engagement in the retail sector. TSS stands as a testament to Mr. Armstrong’s visionary approach and commitment to creating solutions that drive operational excellence.


Under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership, InstallerNet’s technology division thrives, setting industry standards and delivering unparalleled quality. Mr. Armstrong’s blend of strategic foresight, technical skill, and a passion for excellence continues to propel InstallerNet towards a future of endless possibilities..