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William Erdman

Board Director


Mr. Erdman develops lines of business and key industry partnerships for MobileToys’ InstallerNet division. Bill has specialized in building organizations and bringing technology products to commercial markets for over 20 years, as both senior manager and entrepreneur.


Bill gained product and line management experience with IBM, Ericsson AG, Aristasoft, and Corsair Communications with products in software, computer storage, fiber-optic and wireless telecommunications. At these companies he served to develop, sell and implement solutions in enterprise environments by solving problems and reducing costs for customers. Bill then helped fund and launch VASE, a digital-home products company, and Astir Technologies, a durable medical equipment company by attracting investors and corporate partners. Bill was an early senior employee at Corsair (now Lightbridge) where he built manufacturing from the ground up, through an IPO and into a merger with Lightbridge.


Bill has an MSE from Princeton University and a BA from Middlebury College.